maat Group is technological spanish company offering a value proposition oriented to redesign how entrepreneurship, innovation and technology are able to play a key role in shaping and improving corporations and society.

Setting up in 2000, maat Group has a success track record based on the spin-off of different technological and services-related companies in Europe and EEUU.

maat Group corporate initiatives has been selected by EU, Gartner and other relevant and selected bodies as one of the best technologies in the Grid & Cloud Computing arena

maat Group services, infrastructure and projects in which we provide support are active in important fields in the main categories of transport, media, energy and environment, health and information technologies, telecommunications.

maat Group support the Corporate transition towards smart&cleantech-related Business Models, suggesting that concern surrounding the information related strategies and environmental and climate change initiatives are driving resources and top innovation attention from the top-management Corporate Policy.

maat Group´s network ecosystem Is based on a unique pool of leading academics, business visionaries, entrepreneurs, media leaders and venture capitalists providing their guidance and insights to assemble an impressive group of Technology Pioneers as the “best practices” for Corporate Governance